PLR Projects Private Limited
5th Floor, ASTRA Towers, Kothaguda Post,
Kondapur, Hitech City, Hyderabad 500084
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The promoters of PLR are committed towards well being of the society and nature. PLR has evolved to be one of the best performing company in the infrastructure domain and has left many success case studies for reference to the industry. With such rapid growth on one side and on the other side a commitment to ‘Give it Back’ to the society, PLR has aligned it self in offering many good deeds for the people. With backdrop of helping human kind and the environment, they contributed to the betterment of a broad spectrum.

Few of the responsibilities it has taken up are

Subsidization of loans to farmers who supply milk to the dairy.

Funded digging of bore wells and supply of drinking water in Punagunooru constituency, Chittoor District.

Pension is provided to Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged through the Bhaskar Reddy Trust.

Sponsors educational opportunities for underprivileged students.

Facilitated the construction of Ayyappa temple at Yerrathaveripalli, Sodam Mandal, Chittoor District and also supports Annadanam (distribution of food), during the months of November to January every year.

The company earmarked funds to find ways and means to improve the Irrigation and Drinking Water problems of rural areas.

PLR funds in renovation and maintenance of old temples.