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At PLR, safety of our on site human capital is of paramount importance. We follow highest standards of procedures to ensure our resources are protected from all unforeseen, hazardous eventualities.

With vast experience in executing Mining, Roads, Irrigation, Railways, Power and other allied infrastructure projects, PLR has been consistent in maintaining an almost minimum rate of resources damage in all its projects.

PLR follows strict safety standards adhering to the government safety policies and procedures

Few examples of measures taken by PLR to prevent accidents while operating huge HEMM (Trucks and Dumpers)

  • All transportation within the main working area is carried out directly under the supervision and control of the top management.
  • The vehicles are maintained in good condition and checked thoroughly at least once a week by maintenance engineers exclusively appointed and authorized for the purpose by the Management.
  • Road signs are provided at each and every turning point especially for the guidance of the operators at the night.
  • To avoid danger while reversing the trackless vehicles especially at the embankment and tipping points, all areas for reversing of trucks are ensured that they are made human free.
  • A statutory provision of the fences, constant education, training, etc. is provided by PLR management to minimize the incidents and accidents
  • Haul trucks are oriented perpendicular to the bream, while unloading.
  • Oversize rocks are dealt within the pit by secondary blasting.
  • Load consisting of large rocks are not dumped over the edge of the bucket but is properly filled. This avoids unsafe practices of loading and will reduce the damage to the equipment.

Balkudra Annual Safety week award 2017